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4 mayo, 2012

Seminari Open Badges | CENT via @jordi_a

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Les robots de rééducation frappent à la porte des hôpitaux

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See on Scoop.it – NTIC et Santé Rééducation, réapprentissage de gestes élémentaires après un accident vasculaire cérébral ou encore so…

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Disruption!: Gestión del Conocimiento 2.0, aprender trabajando!

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12 Reasons To Teach Searching Techniques With Google Advanced Search… Even Before Using The Basic Search

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Welcome to another post, one that I hope you will find valuable and will pass on to others. please take a moment to subscribe by RSS or email . Your subscriptions mean a lot to me!  I’ll have a…

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Cheating in The 21st Century Classroom

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Mobile: The Key to Education Anywhere

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Mobile technology, and the easy access to information it provides, is the next major disruption to education. If teachers can take advantage of it, they can teach not only the potential of mobile learning but also the benefit of education everywhere.

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The Technology Learning Cycle

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a tool to help reflect on how we learn to use and apply new technologies…

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Patti Anklam | New ONA Resources by Patty Anklam

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Making networks work at work and in the world…

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