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28 abril, 2012

Tech Transformation: Tools for Change Herramientas para el cambio.

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Re-envisioning Modern Pedagogy: Educators as Curators

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Corinne Weisgerber (an Associate Prof. of Communication at St. Edward’s University that we were lucky to interview recently) gave this presentation at SXSWedu on March 6, 2012. It’s of course targetting educators – natural-born curators. But a lot of what’s in that presentation is generic enough so it’s interesting to read.


Corinne comes back on 8 steps that she defined as essential for curators and describes how they intereact together to form a complete cycle.


It’s also interesting to note how good a fit there is betwwen curation and education; something we’ve felt for quite some time at Scoop.it by seeing a lot of educators using the platform.

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John Dewey Society Ning – A social network for keeping Dewey’s ideas alive in practice

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Keeping alive…the use of critical and reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to crucial problems in education and culture,…



















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2118 La revolución en la mente. El reto de la innovación en la educación superior y las condiciones que esta requiere1

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Google lanza playmapscube, el juego de Google Maps

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Os lo comentamos hace unas semanas y playmapscube se hace realidad hoy, un juego de Google basado en Google Maps desde donde podremos mover un gran cubo…

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The Disruptive Peacock, or Why the ‘wrong’ Way Might Be the Best Way | The Creativity Post

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Disruptive Thinking asks you to look at a problem in a new, counter-intuitive way. Disruptive Thinking might just be the most powerful tool in the creative thinking arsenal.

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Is This The Next Sal Khan? | @Edudemic

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The .@juandoming Daily

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A personalized newspaper built from articles, blog posts, videos and photos selected by juandoming.

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Gestando la Revolución del Aprendizaje Móvil [en Español] | The m-Learning Revolution Blog

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Bienvenidos a una nueva sección de mi Blog donde encontrarán información en Español. Después de un poco más de dos meses de mi salida de Adobe, donde trabajé como Evangelista …

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