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17 marzo, 2012

TPACK and the fallacy of integration, wicked problems and protean technology < Richard Olsen's Blog via @jsalinasi

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ePortfolios for Learning: My Philosophy of ePortfolio Development

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As I work with others on the implementation of ePortfolio Development, I need to articulate my own philosophy. My doctorate is in Human Development (not computer science), so my philosophy comes from the perspective of using e-portfolios in the context of learning and individual lifelong development. Some people see ePortfolios through the lens of ICT and the underlying technologies; I see ePortfolios through the lens of human development potential in an era of social media.

I believe:
ePortfolio development activities can be found across the lifespan
ePortfolio development can be an important element of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and Network (PLN)
ePortfolio development and social networking have many similarities
ePortfolio development is a balance between process and product
ePortfolios can be created for many different purposes
ePortfolios can be created with many different tools
ePortfolio development should be integrated into everyday activities
ePortfolio development supports a process of Reflection and Metacognition that is essential to lifelong learning

I elaborated in a longer GoogleDoc Document with supporting links to some of my work.

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Disruption!: L WEB 2.0, un mundo de ideas de aprendizaje!! by .@juandoming

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The chaotic world of work | Harold Jarche

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¿Epitafio prematuro para el Proyecto Escuela 2.0? | edu & tec @jordi_a

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Educational Technology Guy: Most popular posts on Ed Tech Guy this past week

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Ambientes personales de aprendizaje en el desarrollo profesional docente | DiegoLeal.org: reAprender

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Diego Leal presenta un capítulo sobre Ambientes Personales de Aprendizaje, que describe algunas experiencias y argumenta su utilidad en procesos de formación docente.

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Digital Pedagogy: Content is a Tyrant, Context is King Steve Wheeler

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Keynote presentation to the NAACE 2012 Annual Conference, Leicester, March 9th.

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Text mining promises huge economic and research benefit, but copyright law and other barriers are limiting its use, says JISC report. : JISC

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A new JISC report shows that text mining – a complex and innovative method of searching and analysing data – has huge potential benefits for the UK economy and knowledge base, but its use is being held back by copyright law and other barriers.

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