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25 febrero, 2012

Excelentes bancos de imágenes académicas para profesores y alumnos

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¿No siempre encuentras la imagen perfecta para ilustrar el blog del aula, un libro digital o un poster? Mira aquí para encontrar la foto ideal para tu materia.
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Red Social ‘Sociedad y Tecnología’: Mi Ecosistema de Desarrollo Personal en RED: ‘Mi PLWE’.

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Imagen…’Ecosistema Personal de Desarrollo en RED (PLWE)’ ‘Mi Tabla PKM’ (versión inicial)
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‘Mass Customized Learning’: The key to education reform? | Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog

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Would you still drive a car if it was the Ford Model T? No? Even if the paint was new and it had air conditioning? The answer would always be “no,” said one education reform expert, because no matter how much you spruce up an old model, there’s always a maximum capacity … and the same applies to education.
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I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened – The Oatmeal @timoreilly

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SCIS | If you dont have a PLN, you don’t know what you are missing

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Bev Novak from Mentone Grammar School encourages educators to start developing their Personal Learning Network (PLN) and discover the joy of lifelong learning – learning anything, anytime, anywhere with anybody they choose.
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My UnKeynote @mfeldstein67

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A Principal’s Reflections: Use of Case Studies as a Student-Centered Approach to Learning

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Stump The Teacher: The World Has Changed…My First Keynote Josh Stumpenhorst via @web20classroom

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SLCWA 2011 #QR Codes

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