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19 diciembre, 2011

Herramientas bibliograficas 2.0

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Taller sobre herramientas bibliográficas 2.0 para profesores de la UEM.
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Steve Hargadon: Reimagining Education as Networked, Participatory, Social, Global | DMLcentral

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Social business and enterprise usage: The lessons | ZDNet

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The data keeps coming in: The sale of social business software continues to rise and is forecast to continue rising for years.
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ILT – December 2011 issue

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ILT – December 2011 issue…
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Connected Learning: Jane Hart – Blog – aNewSpring

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Can Social Media Really Facilitate Learning?

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Can Social Media Really Facilitate Learning?

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The jury is still out on whether, in fact, these new technologies of the web 2.0 (or maybe web 3.0) generation can actually bring about any meaningful learning, but there are many that will defend to the death the notion that social media does just that.How measurable are the metrics of social media in learning, there we start to enter some rather grey areas.This begs the question of whether learning, in fact needs to be measured anyway and what benchmarks can be used to ‘effectively’ measure learning as quite frankly some testing methods are so unidimensional that they actually give a very distorted view – and often do not portray results linked to learning but more towards achievement testing.Social Learning theory as put forward by Albert Bandura et al., argues that learning occurs within a social context, where learners learn from each other through modeling and observation – could this be enhanced through Social media?
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The .@juandoming Daily

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A personalized newspaper built from articles, blog posts, videos and photos selected by juandoming.
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Eduteka – Cómo seleccionar recursos educativos digitales

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Con el aumento sin precedentes en la disponibilidad de recursos digitales que se ofrecen en Internet los docentes tienen acceso a un sinnúmero de herramientas informáticas que pueden utilizar con sus estudiantes para enriquecer el aprendizaje de…
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