… intelligence of knowledge disruptive move by the network, known and judged themselves and reflectively, the nature of science, … be unable to intervene in herself and in the work of knowledge, ie, to see the immanence, its essence …in the nature of things?

Will intelligence be condemned to remain forever out of this process, as a witness and controller of the senses, as in the science of the phenomena?

There must be a science, knowledge, in which the intelligence with its own requirements, is involved in the work from the inside, which is inherent in them is in the interior of process knowledge, in which the intellect develop freely their deepest aspirations, the aspirations of the mind precisely in its role as ta? l

Such knowledge directly concerns the being of things, intelligibly grasped: the philosophical and metaphysical knowledge, but no scientist and digital, which is not equipped with thallus intrinsic nature, but it needs to be outside, remain outside the scope user, be tangible to the human senses and how else it is, more interactive and intercreativo become, in a word, more digital, more than 2.0.

Knowledge! Wisdom! These words have great power of fascination in the human heart, from the origins of our species. The large deviation occurs in primitive times, and always threatens to reappear in the turbulent times in our history, is the confusion or identification of science with Power. It is the magical conception of knowledge or science.

… Knowledge and wisdom of the knowledge society can be harnessed for power sr established, even more so now than ever, we nevertheless remain “controls outside the Lobis and institutional powers can somehow monitor the influence of each other, that in earlier societies was not, nobody had controlled the generation qien decisions …

… Knowledge has always been a fine line between power and people, provides digital wisdom democratization and egalitarianism that never existed … we go down that road, so for those who say that technology lead to destruction, should know at least this aspect seems not, but is of crucial importance in the development of the people …

Experience has shown that people are more willing to lend you care if you use a title value to society, if for them you are a poor devil, your words will only be a very annoying noise in the best xD, even so I think that going against the trend with what I consider the most important issue in human life is worth 100%.Today the power of knowledge belongs to those who seek it, the knowledge is as handy even on a phone you can harvest it. True that profoundly affects the powerful cannons, I feel that not even God himself can prevent this phenomenon (at least it destroys us of course), what bothers most people who want everything to stay as is, is that Internet is shaping their belief system, things that often go against what the teacher says in class, I was not born with the Internet, acquired at about age 13, but I feel as native as you born with it, I had my beliefs before and after, but the natives who have beliefs?. Knowledge is of everybody and nobody at the same time, they have the power, but how to use it? that’s the thing that will revolutionize the future of networks in mind.
Obviously the knowledge of things and more determined than ever and in the future will be inevitable, so now the great powers no longer rely on the arms race, almost no one speaks, if not having the greatest advances in communication because through this they can achieve the greatest possible knowledge of things. Satellite sending intercom is an inexhaustible source of power to knowledge, so all are engaged in it, the Internet will change in no time and based on its technology, will be 1000 times more potent as a communication tool, so if you will the same being an immigrant or native, anyone can use it without having any experience or training to do so, one click will get anywhere and most importantly, to be intelligent, meaningful, something that has now