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I know the purists elearning this is not going to like, but its business model, and online education is also forced to change.

The distance learning platforms are still in the world of installable and linear metaphors that go through with its logic of desktop windows and reports any activity that runs on them.

In most cases, respond to metaphors of interaction due to vertical production proposals, if not also restricted access.For simpler in some ways are closer to a forced integration of legacy windows that a sophisticated co-oriented platform for experimentation and learning.

We found something fascinating – Open Croquet, «which is already being tested in universities like Boston is where development aims: to create a sort of online operating system with 3D multi-user interface and also within an architecture of peer to peer network. Thus suggests another way of usability design, perhaps with environments similar to video games and more open structures to share and produce information.

To put it in a nutshell: Croquet users can modify the environment, not living alone but is shared with other users, and is online constantly, even with shared applications. Croquet participants have the ability to create and modify the informational space and create fully dynamic links to other sites or network resources. This is an environment where anything can be created or represented, where everything can be changed.

To these environments is moving innovation in distance education. Virtual worlds and systems as Open Croquet are just emerging from the transformation in the making of elearning. And with that, a whole re-imaging as naively used terms like usability, interaction, interactivity, production, construction and collaborative processes of teaching and learning. We have not seen anything.

Second Life is just one option-super marquetinera, by the way-evolving e-learning platforms. The fact that open source is potentially adaptable to any particular project or experiments they are carrying forward the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, given how much of it. Not to mention the Moodle project, which is studying how to integrate Sloodle and Second … . Another striking case is the Multiverse, and the adaptation of Shakespeare’s world toEdward Castronova, author of Synthetic Worlds is developing.

The interfaces of twenty years ago to the new simulation environments … as you know, are of interest to us long ago, when Argentonia existed only in the future and its members we would spend hours fighting with Open Croquet and researching Looking Glass from Sun Microsystems .

Open Croquet is an open source multi platform, also in 3D, to create fully collaborative experiences. It is a peer to peer operating system, which is sparking interest to internal training organizations, and I know that true corporate giants are about to take their first steps on these environments … will surely others, or we have to implement other … but eLearning-INCLUSIVE, always express this position, learning environment with Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D …