Create, Personalize And Share Your Visual Stories With Rewindy

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Giuseppe Mauriello: Rewindy is the first visual story-sharing service. Create, personalize and share life events like travel, family or hobby events. You can share the story privately to a few friends using email or more publicly using Facebook or Twitter.


From Rewindy Blog:

“The photo doesn’t often capture the thoughts or feelings of the people in the event. This is why people love stories. A story is a narrative you can relate to and it highlights thoughts, emotions, relationships and can freely go into history or speculate about the future.

Things that are at extremely difficult with photos. A photo on the other hand creates a very detailed picture of a person, scene or object in the viewers mind.


The combination of these two the photos and the story is a visual story. Bringing together the context and narrative what happened behind the photos, with the best visual images. A visual story is a much more personal and expressive way to share your photos, or a visually beautiful way to share your story…”



Rewindy is in private beta now. Request an invitation here:


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